All Sessions include a Unique Specified Kit

Cleanse your Aura and Balance your chakra with our 7 Day Water Medz (Meditation).  During this time you will spend 30-45 minutes  in or around water.  Preferably outside near Lake, Ocean or River.  This 7 day meditation is not only for your body, it is for your mind and spirit.  We will provide you with a Chakra Water Clense Kit which include How too, Chakra bath soak, Aura Spray, Crystals and water guided meditation. This meditation is for you to relax and relieve stress.  It is also a way to give thanks to the most high while speaking  our 7 Chakra Mantras to water.

Gassho Meditation

Gassho 7 Day Meditation is often used as a meditation pose, where awareness is taken to the tips of the middle fingers, or the space between palms. This is a healing, mind-clearing, heart-opening meditation, which enables a clearer connection to the universal energy around us.    Gassho means “the two hands coming together.” It is a position formed by placing the palms of your hands together in the “prayer” pose.  This techniques helps you to Relax, Reset, & Regain a Spiritual Perspective.  Bring the left and right sides of your body and brain together AND AVOID STRESS.  30 Minutes


Kundalini  Meditation

Kundalini Yoga Meditation  is meant to move energy through the body. You can work to awaken this energy and achieve enlightenment through a combination of techniques, including: deep breathing, mudras (hand movements), mantras (phrases), physical movements.  These exercises are said to bring energy in your body and move it along your chakras (energy centers) until it reaches the point of release at the seventh (crown) chakra, your head.  This release of energy promotes internal balance, awakening, and enlightenment.