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Pause to the Healing, Reflect & Show yourself Grace........

Let's talk about navigating Mercury Retrograde and Solar Eclipse by Embracing Healing and Reflecting how much you have overcome.

As the energy of WTF and all these planets continue to do align, we find ourselves entering into the vibration of Mercury retrograde and solar eclipses. These events often evoke a mixture of apprehension and curiosity in all if us. Yet, in the potential chaos, there lies an opportunity for some healing and growth. SO PAUSE ON THE HEALING and see where you are on this journey to inner peace.

Mercury retrograde, known for its disruptive influence on communication and technology, serves as a pause button. It prompts us to reflect on the progress we've made and to reassess the boundaries we've set in our lives. It's a time to pause the healing process and truly evaluate if we've addressed the wounds we've been diligently tending to. Have those boundaries we set served their purpose, or do they need reevaluation?

The energy of a solar eclipse amplifies this introspective journey, pushing us into uncomfortable territories. It's during these moments of discomfort that we're urged to confront the shadows lurking within us—those aspects we've been avoiding or suppressing. While it may seem like the world is crumbling, it's through this process of facing our fears and discomforts that we can come out stronger and more aligned with our true selves.

Take a moment to look back over the past decade of your life. Reflect on the trials and triumphs, the setbacks and successes. Regardless of whether it's been one year, two, three, or even four, acknowledge how far you've come. Celebrate the growth, the resilience, and the lessons learned along the way. Allow yourself to embrace in the realization of your evolution.

Mercury retrograde and solar eclipse energies may unsettle us, but they also offer us a unique opportunity for self-discovery and transformation. Embrace the discomfort, lean into the healing process, and trust that you're being guided towards the manifestation for your highest good. As you navigate these WTF currents, remember to be gentle with yourself and to honor the journey you're on. For it's in these moments of introspection and vulnerability that true healing and growth occur.


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