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Sunbathing for Your Melanated Skin

Many know the sun as being a modality to help the Solar Plexus, however this can help with your Heart Chakra as well. Being the Bridge to our upper Chakras it is important to work closely with our Solar Plexus in order to move the energy of our lower chakras to our upper. To do that our Heart Chakra Bridge has to be cleared and balanced.

The heart chakra, controls blood pressure, circulation, and the health of its coordinating organs. When the Heart Chakra is out of balance one might experience trouble breathing, high blood pressure, or poor circulation to the arms and hands.

The sun is one way to not only help the Chakra Wheel of the Solar Plexus spin, it will literally touch on every Chakra due to the various organs within our body. This is why sunbathing is super important when it comes to balancing those Chakras.

The vitamin D from the sun gives has many benefits. Here are some benefits for your Chakras connected to your health: It helps

  1. Support better sleep (Crown)

  2. Uplift your mood (Sacral)

  3. Increase energy (Root)

  4. Improve symptoms of mental health conditions (Heart)

  5. Lower blood pressure (Heart)

  6. Lower risk of metabolic syndrome (Solar Plexus)

  7. Heal inflammation (Root)

  8. Stronger bones (Root)

  9. Increase clarity, and boost energy (Third Eye)

  10. Extend life expectancy (All Chakras)

After a good Sun Bath here are a few simple things you can do to keep that vibration flowing for all Chakras or those two specific. Which in this case is the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakra

  1. Burn a Incense and Essential Oils

  2. Repeat Positive Affirmations

  3. Water your Plants (Get some for the reminder)

  4. Use Energy Healing Stones to keep that Vibration flowing. Citrine, Tiger Eye, Golden Mica, Green Aventurine, Jade are just a few.

  5. Take a cool bath, which can wake that energy up.

Check out for Gems and Incences.

Chakra Remedies Coming Soon 💕🦋✨



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