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Colors Make Me Happy 2 is dedicated to enhancing your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being through the vibrant world of colors, chakras, and crystals. We offer a variety of sessions, classes, and personalized services designed to creatively engage and align your chakras.

Our founder, Tammy, is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Crystal Chakra Educator, Intuitive Medium, Art Therapeutic Life Coach, and Graphic Designer. She combines her deep passion for art with her extensive healing expertise, creating a unique blend of therapeutic practices.

Dive into our Chakra Soulful Hues collection, unwind with our Chakra Vibes sessions, or find peace in My Serenity Art Therapeutic sessions. Each offering is crafted to reflect the natural beauty and rich cultural heritage associated with chakra traditions, providing a soulful and serene experience through enchanting, powerful artwork. Join us at Colors Make Me Happy 2 and explore the transformative power of colors.


So you’ve decided to begin your healing journey, congratulations!  Before allowing anxiety and depression to get you off track, remember that healing is a process.  Every process takes a toll in various ways, but don’t allow minor setbacks to completely derail the process.  Focus on maintaining balance and unblock anything that is holding you back mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually.  We are created to be our best self, which requires maintaining a balance of good energy.  Will there be bad days?  Absolutely, but your level of success in tackling those challenges is determined by your reaction.    


About Tammy

My name is Tammy and I firmly believe that Art is a creative form of self-expression, which can increase our sense of well-being by allowing us to express our emotions and release stress.  Because of that belief, anything involving art, crystals, photography and music has always been a source of happiness for me. 


My need to feed my creative side also lead to working as a Local Radio personality in South Florida for 15 years while building one of the top party websites and endless design projects with various disc jockeys and club promoters. Despite those successes and earning a degree in Graphic Art from The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale/International Academy Design & Technology (IADT) in Orlando, FL. I always felt like something was missing.


This is where my journey to seek greater self-awareness started.  I realized that I was unbalanced but wasn’t sure how to correct the issue.  Being a working mother with three children also presented its own set of challenges.  But through prayer and meditation, I began to identify the parts of myself which needed healing. My first focus was to strengthen my relationship with God, my Ancestors and Ifa Yoruba Tradition.  With this, I began to gain a clearer sense of direction and understanding. This hasn’t been an easy process but my determination to exit that dark place and reside with the colors that brings me so much joy has resulted in branches of creativity designed to support your journey. 


Royal Fai7h LLC Enterprise 

  • She’s Royal Gems - Metaphysical Products, Jewelry and Bath Soaks. 

  • Colors Make Me Happy 2 -  Speaker and Advocate for Holistic  Energy Healing such as Reiki, Crystals & Chakras.


I invite you to step release the chains of anxiety and depression.  Join me on this new wave of peace, happiness and good vibes.  I promise you that Colors Can Make You Happy 2!

Reiki Master

Tameka Tammy is aCertified Reiki Master Teacher, , Crystal Chakra Educator,  Intuitive Medium, Graphic Designer, HR Professional and Art Therapeutic Life Coach.

Owner of She's Royal Gems Metaphysical Wholistc Shop.

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