New Beginnings
Anxiety and Depression can take a toll in your healing. You always have to remember that Healing is a process, so if you decided to begin CONGRATULATIONS to you. The way to healing is too balance and unblock anything that is holding you back mentally, emotionally, physical and/or spiritually.  Since we are created to be our best self, it is important to try to keep a balance of good energy.  Can you have your days YES, but how you react to the challenges or handle it is the key.  This is a process that even I am still learning since I choose to stay focus on Good Vibes and energy.   I say choose because this is a mental, emotional, physical and/or spiritual journey that starts within you.  How you choose to think, speak and act all play a role on balancing good energy daily.  So with that we decided to start our “Colors Make Me Happy” life style to get your mental, emotional, physical and/or spiritual right.  

We decided to use Prayer, Chakra Healing, Reiki and Art to get to this place of PEACE.  They say chakra is a mental thing and really that is the point. We use all four as a guide to get to a good place mentally, emotionally, physical and/or spiritually.  

The Beginning

Art is a creative form of self-expression that can increase our sense of well-being by allowing us to express our emotions and release stress.  Being a graphic designer, lover of art, photography and music I never really notice how happy it made me feel till I am around any one of the four.  It’s my peace of mind.  There was always one issue though……..my mental, emotional, physical and/or spiritual was never balanced.  When I became a true believer of God,  Royal Fai7h was born.  Through prayer I began seeking him daily; however I still felt unbalanced and unhealed.  I prayed again then She’s Royal emerged.  I love motivating others, however I myself felt unmotivated, unbalance and unhealed.  I prayed some more but could not shack that feeling so I had to dig deeper.  As I dug deeper I felt like I was in a dark place.  One minute I can be great in one area, but slack in another, while being on a roller coaster of emotions dealing with LIFE.  I HAD TO STOP. Being a mother of 3, a fiancée and a working woman trying to find a true balance of my mind, body and soul became challenging.  No matter how much I prayed, I still felt unbalanced.  So the moment I prayed for balance, Royal Gems my bracelet collection became my reality.  Which has been an idea I had since I was a child, which lead me too Reiki Energy and Chakra Healing.  It began to help me deal with Anxiety, depression and letting go.  Ever since then I have been on a new wave of peace, happiness and GOOD VIBES.  Lord knows it only took 30 years, but when I realized it I noticed it was all because of colors.  This is when Colors make me happy 2 was born.  


Colors make me happy is a new wave of peace, happiness and GOOD VIBES mentally, emotionally, physical and/or spiritually in a creative way.  

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