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Material will be provided for all our sessions.  

Our Sessions will take place once a month at a selected location in the DMV Area. To host your own Chakra Art Therapeutic Session please Contact Us!!! You can also check out our local sessions here.

In this session we will create a box for your  7 Chakra crystals or Self Love Crystal Box. This sacred  box will hold the intentions of your crystals and prayers. You can choose one of our kits or create you own or pick your own crystals.Each crystal pick will represent your 7 Chakras.  As we design our box we will have a crystal 101 to understand your crystal picks.  The intention with this activity is to Love on your  inner self and get creative.

Activity Focus: Sacral Chakra


Making chakra jewelry is a form of art. It implies picking crystals to manage all the seven chakras of our body. Then it is about design, color, and care.


In this session you will spend time journaling, meditating and setting intentions for your new bracelet.  Once complete we will creating a daily reminder by using beads that represents each chakras. Th e intention is for your to make good decisions that best suit you.


Activity Focus: Solar Plexus

Sacred Chakra Box 

In this session enjoy an evening of planting those seeds.

After our intuit session choose your Chakra area of choice, grab your plant, some crystals, a vase and plant your seeds. By doing this you will give yourself the chance to watch your seeds grow. This activity will help you focus on patience, growth and self care.


Activity Focus: Root and Earth Star Chakra 


Affirmations have the ability to rewire your mind into believing in what you are affirming.  Create a  daily reminder by setting your intentions  and combining your top  7 affirmations, inspirational quotes or prayers. Bring some of your most memorable photos to add a little touch.  We will provide you with a frame  and art material for you to create a beautiful daily reminder.  Large frames available please per request.

Activity Focus: ALL CHAKRAS


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