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An Evening with Toni Jones

To be able to experience a woman who has been on my playlist in the mist of taking so many leaps of faith all during the pandemic was so powerful! When I look back that shit was worth it! Being present in that moment during this event made it all worth it!

@iamtonijones came right on time!!! START WITH WATER was the song that let all things flow together for me! Walking away from a relationship because I choose peace ☮️ was BIG! It took these words. Oh that is nice, but that’s just a hobby! That won’t make no real money!!!!

Since I knew Money didn’t run my ever existence, I took them same words and ran with spirit! I took those words and ran with faith! I took those words and ran with my little hobby. I knew that when it is done from a place of genuine love nothing can block them blessings but you!!! In one of the many activities Toni had us do with words, my word was LAUGH!!! I laugh because I really doubted my capabilities, my skills, my love, my creativity and my ability to just share with others, my ability to just love, my ability to multitask, my ability to forgive and live, my ability to see shit for what it is, my ability to just BE! I laugh like GIRL, stop playing with yourself! This night gave me that boost to embrace the New Moon, Lunar New Year vibration. Thank you @iamvanessaelam for such a beautiful event! Can’t wait for more!

Because this Woman right here #SheisFree! Ase!!!!!


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