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Ari Lennox faces her Inner Child & Shadow Self

Music is my Therapy and being a former Disc Jockey/ Radio Host it will always be one of my deepest passions especially on this journey we call healing. Neo-soul has always put me in a zen vibe, especially during those Miami Nights hitting Ingrid B, poetry spots weekly. It Brings a dope feeling to my Sacral Chakra space. When I heard Get Close, it brought me there. I just love to see my beautiful Melanin women facing their own shit, taking accountability and stepping into a better version of them. I feel that's been showing up for many real ones this year.

Ari Lennox recently sat down with Nessa at HOT 97 for a candid and expansive conversation covering a myriad of intriguing topics. The artist delved into the details of her latest single, "Get Close," offering insights into the creation of its sultry music video and reminiscing about some standout fashion moments.

Ari shared her experiences with impromptu hiking adventures, shedding light on the spontaneous side of her life. Beyond the surface, she opened up about the inspiration behind her music, delving into reflections on heartbreak and co-dependency. The conversation became a journey of self-discovery, with Ari exploring facets of her identity, from her inner child self to her shadow self, and addressing attachment issues.

Ari didn't shy away from discussing her own flaws, emphasizing the importance of recognizing them and seeking help for personal growth. The artist shared her path to sobriety, touched on the anxiety of flying, and revealed emotional surprises encountered throughout her career. In this raw and authentic dialogue, Ari provided valuable tips for those on their own journey of self-discovery.

The interview also tapped into her realm of relationships by diving into her love life and offering practical advice. From handling exes and navigating phone privacy to confronting cheaters, she shared her perspectives on the nuances of emotional and physical infidelity. The conversation showcased Ari's candidness and vulnerability, making it a must-watch for those seeking insights into matters of the root, sacral, solar plexus and heart chakra.

As the interview drew to a close, Ari dropped hints about her upcoming projects, leaving us eagerly anticipating what's next. Thank you Queen for your vulnerability!!! You are on the right path to balancing them Chakras.

MESSAGE: Face your Shit, you can not run without facing it or you will continue to run from it even as an adult. So tap into your lower 3 Chakras is the key! Ase

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