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Chakra Vibes Unwind Getaway Recap

This was not a retreat, this was a moment to just get away, release, vibe and reset. I must say I am truly grateful for this experience because everyone understood the assisnement. Come as you are, enjoy yourself and reset from the things you may have learned.

I am so happy and grateful to know that there is always room to grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I give so many thanks 🙏🏾 for this trip to really sit back, pause and see the things which is bigger than me. In these moments your always given the opportunity to raise your vibration, raise your awareness and raise your confidence to truly embrace your abilities.

Our ceremony on our last day was moving. We where able to sit, release, cry, accept, forgive and ask for the Divine to show us the way no matter how uncomfortable it may feel. This getaway was built to pause 🎉 as healers/gifted. It also gave the opportunity to reflect on the the areas you can work on to evolve into a better you. Even if that’s not your path or no longer your path.

Why because healers need healing too. Healers need opportunities to see where growth needs to take place. Which was definitely the basis of this getaway. How can you heal and grown from the things that are deeply rooted! Time ⏰

On the last day we had the opportunity to Truly understand the importance of masculine feminine balance, which was definitely on time. A lot of us move from a space of masked masculine energy which won’t allow you to move in that Feminine Energy. I give many thanks for @mayasawombtherapist and her teachings for us this weekend. After that reset and refresh it’s time to grow and go with the flow.

I am so grateful for those who participated #2023 will be even better. Ase

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