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Updated: Sep 15, 2020

I am loving my newbies from @rockswithsass. I am extremely happy with their great pieces. I normally like to pick my own, however the ones they sent are perfect. It is truly difficult finding crystal shops online, because so many are out there and are not authentic. After following Rock With Sass for a while these two just stood out. I mean that is what they are supposed to do when shopping for crystals. The connection must be real. Rock With Sass website is dope. I love the style and how every stone has a card with descriptions on it. Which is great because if your like me I got so many I can't keep up. So the card reminder helps. They don't have a crazy selection, however they are to the point and not over powering with too many stones. They definitely match the name Rocks with Sass!!!! Check them out and connect!!!

The #Aragonite affirmations "I fearlessly walk the path of my true healing."

The #greenopal affirmations "I am connected to the endless abundance of the universe."


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