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DMX Finally Gets PEACE

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

This is a perfect example of Spiritual Journey!!!!

We all know religion and some choose to follow the path forced upon us! While others except who they are and are lead by the spirit!!!! You can feel it when lotenring and watching him even in his battle with drugs! You felt his words even deeper because he was open and real about who he was! DMX is living proof of what your journey, your walk truly means! He battled with Drugs and NEVER denied it, did shadow work tried to fix it! Got deeper into the spirit however some illness can’t be conquered until you transition! He never hid where his heart was and THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS! In his struggle he was not out here harming but only trying to spread the word and using himself as an example!

People look at him and may call him crazy but this man literally was connected to God if you really paid attention. He knew how he was going to transition but he just didn’t know when!

I am happy that he got the peace he deserve! May he live in Love and Light!!!!

To another Great Spirit

Transition well #DMX



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