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Get your Heart clean with Green Aventurine

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

My favorite colors have always been Blue, Turquoise, Mint Green and cant forget Black. Ever since I began my journey I have been drawn to Green Agate, Amazonite, Jade and Aventurine. Send me to a Metaphysical store and I would defiantly leave with one of these crystals. You have many Aventurine, however the Green Aventurine is believed to be more powerful than the other aventurine colors. It has long been thought to bring abundance, good luck and opportunity.


Green aventurine is know to be the "Stone of Opportunity." It imparts a winning attitude and energy, naturally improving the likelihood of success in all areas of life. The green quartz is ideal for any situation from a first date to getting a promotion at work. It is so powerful it does not even have to be worn as jewelry or held in order to glean the aventurine benefits. Just having it nearby will provide the necessary exposure. These powerful aventurine stone benefits are at the heart of aventurine meaning.

Your Vibez

This green quartz actually changes one's behavior by facilitating the release of old disappointments, habits and patterns of behavior. With the release of these old, restricting problems, one is free to grow and change for the better. In this sense, one makes their own good luck with the help of green aventurine. These aventurine benefits all go back to the root of aventurine meaning. Enhanced creativity, patience and tranquility.

Baby Heal

With Green aventurine the healing properties encourage harmony with your aura, emotional, intellectual and physical bodies. Female/male energy is balanced while negativity dissolves away. The ability to live life in accordance with what is in one's heart is facilitated by green aventurine spiritual healing. Change, renewal and re-vitalization are more easily embraced, in keeping with aventurine meaning. Green aventurine healing properties provide soothing energy to facilitate emotional healing. Balance and harmony are more easily attained while anger, irritation and nervousness are reduced or eliminated. Green quartz facilitates the deep, regenerative sleep that is required for emotional healing. An overactive mind is more easily quieted and well-grounded. Emotional wounds are more easily healed with green aventurine's soothing energy, which is supported in green aventurine stone meaning. A problem with depression, feeling defeated or feeling out of balance in life is more easily recognized, which is the first step to emotional healing. Unhealthy relationship patterns become clearer. Green aventurine properties promote good humor, optimism, hope and joy. They help keep one well-grounded during times of change and emotional upheaval.

Create a Vibez

Green and red aventurine are very helpful in aventurine meditation. The benefits they provide are all in keeping with aventurine stone meaning. They impart the power of the earth and nature, as indicated in aventurine meaning. A more positive outlook and perseverance is bolstered during trying times when nothing seems to be working. Green quartz is especially useful for relieving anxiety during aventurine meditation


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