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Love on you, nourish your Yin

There is tooooo much Yang floating around in this world. It is time to embrace our Yin. During this 21 Day Reset we will be indulging in balancing our yin and yang. To start it off setting your intentions is always the first thing you want to do. Next LOVE ON YOU!! Showing yourself Love, Compassion and Kindness is NECESSARY. It is SO important with anything you are doing.

Winter Season is the time of year we want to embrace Yin energy. Yin is the dark, cold, slow, inward energy that is the direct opposite of Yang energy which is hot, quick, expansive, light. The cold, darkness of the Winter season urges us to slow down. It is time to let our bodies restore and rejuvenate. Here are a few good practices to help embrace Yin Season this Winter:

  1. Get More Sleep - try to stay in rhythm with the sun, going to bed earlier and rising later.

  2. Move your Body - Sign up or YouTube some yoga, go for a walk or practice some simple stretches.

  3. Eat Up - Our bodies need warm, nourishing foods like soups and stews. Grab some more greens, cool food.

  4. Slow Motion for me - embrace the slower pace by moving your body.

  5. Sip Sip - Sweet herbs are great to embrace your Yin. Try ginger, lemongrass, cinnamon, honey tea to warm up your insides. As hard as it is, well for me......avoid iced cold beverages.

If your ready for the BIG leap here are a few ways to make Yin Lifestyle Changes to Nourish The Yin

  • Fall asleep before 11pm

  • Sleep in a very dark room on an empty stomach

  • Wake without an alarm clock every day

  • Limit screen time during the day, avoid it after 5pm

  • Avoid rushing

  • Take a nap every day

  • Hydrate the body with water, limit caffeine, avoid coffee, forget soda exists

  • Eat a fattening diet (full fat organic dairy, avocado, good oils, nuts, organic and local meats)

  • Surround yourself with people you love

  • Limit fearful moments (ie. caution around scary movies, driving in intense weather, being in crowded or loud places)

  • Commute by walking or riding your bicycle

  • Grow some of your own food

  • Be in nature every day

  • Be out of cellphone range as often as possible

  • Be in nature so deep you can’t hear road noises as often as possible

  • Participate in slow moving or still activities

  • Meditate

  • Create moments without any activity at all to just experience stillness

  • Try not to think about work when not at work

  • Stay fully in the present moment

  • Practice gratitude

  • Stay at home in the evening hours

DO NOT OVERWHELM YOURSELF!! All changes take time, so be easy on yourself.





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