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Lunar New Moon New Year RECAP

To be able to explore music and sound through another form is a true happy space for me. To be able to share this feeling with others makes it even better. I give so much Thanks to all who attended our Lunar New Year New Moon 🌝 Vibration. It was Divine and on time.

During this experience we got the opportunity to explore the chakras and how it looked for you. Since this is the year of 7 it's all about embracing thyself. However how does it look for you? Healing hurts, however it can also be a happy space if you allow it. So we went through each Chakra to see where everyone might be on their journey. I was able to break each one down and give everyone the opportunity to really see where they can be.

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It's Time to explore and create your Happy Healing Space.....

We have to give thanks to our Tribe.....

First Thank you @faith2felicity for making this collaboration possible. I am extremely grateful to be able to provide dope @shesroyalgems crystal goodies and sessions to help those raise their vibration. Special Thank you to @akeyayoung from @waxingbay for leading our guided meditation. I’m so happy for the beautiful touch you added. It’s a blessing and I am grateful. Can’t wait for what’s to come. Thank you to @dripjuiceryllc for providing an amazing spread as always it was amazing! That ginger pineapple 🍍 juice…..IS EVERYTHING. Thank you to @mayasawombtherapist for the guidance and assisting me with keeping the flow going. We can’t forget those amazing products. @physicsgirl thank you for the vibe check and being that boss making sure all is well.


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