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Protect Your Energy......

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

As I embark on this journey I have learned that I wasted so much energy on things that do not serve my higher good. I've allowed peoples actions, words and negativity put men into misery and unhappy space. Instead of protecting myself I wasted energy on things and people who clearly have negativity built up in them or around them that they seem to not want to address. However instead of realizing this is their world and going left. I tried to save. Shit the only thing I should have done is save my vibes, save my energy and protect my peace by staying in my aura of happiness. Nope I drew in the energy of my surroundings. When I began Reiki and understanding energy I began to shift. Now the ish takes time, however as they said in video it's about crossing that hump and keep it moving vs. dwelling in it. I stop dwelling and start shifting my energy to the things beautiful around me. Not having a toxic environment is such a blessing and I had to start focusing on that vs trying to fix things. I think living as one and in peace is healthy but that's my lil, so called not reality world. Don't get me wrong we all have issues that only we can change and I had to stop wasting my energy trying to fix ish. Being in Human Resources all these years it was natural. However I was able to go home and recharge. Living in it was another thing. I had to look at the bigger picture to understand the negativity and when I did I just started staying in my lane because certain behavior was never apart of who I am. So why become basic I just had to start saying this is not my place and I don't need it in my space.

You can hear a person negative energy when they speak, you can see their intentions by their actions and you can see the kind of energy they dwell in. I know because I had to accept this for myself. Rather than say f#*& this I use to let my environment change who I am. I had to fix it and quick. Its took some real tears and release of negativity to get there, but I am here. Do everything in your power to keep that out of your life. It took me a minute to see and understand this, however you can always shift it by balancing your chakras, remind your self of the beauty around you and just be a beautiful person from inside out, because outside in can cause your insides to reflex negativity. Your can become your environment so it is so important TO DETOX YOU YOUR VIBES AND PROTECT YOUR ENERGY.



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