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Talking to Tash is Therapeutic 

Gravitating to the right people can be a true blessing. On my way home I'm always locked to @djquicksilva and @dominiquedadiva on 93.9FM here in the DMV.

The last few shows I been hearing this woman tell it how it is. Her name is @talktotash922 a gifted woman I will say. Her vibes through the radio was different, which made me say ok, I'm going to book a session. Her energy was so high and real I just wanted to speak to her. After booking I totally forgot till she called to reschedule. In just that little moment made me look forward to our session. She took me on her day off, which means alot. We both was happy she did. What a true game changer, when you truly want and need to change. Not only did she break down somethings, she broke down some thangs!!! She's your voice from God speaking to the parts of you that was in deep denial about whatever it is your guts been telling you. I am truly grateful for her energy, her vibes and her comfort.

In these times finding someone to really talk to can be challenging and uncomfortable. She literally guided me to declutter, do away and clear out things I deep down knew had to change or go. In my Jamaican voice, who cyan hear will feel. Most Jamaican grannies and mothers who will not keep repeating themselves say this as a warning to the things you are not changing. Welp I felt it....I had to take in everything, re-read what I wrote and pray/meditate on it. Which after any real session you have to do in order to truly focus and start healing the parts you need too. For real for real even just to FOCUS on what you need to do now can be a big help. She was just that homegirl from the block in NYC who will tell you how it is without hesitation, but with a solution. Will I recommend....... definitely without hesitation and I have met plenty people with her gift. It's all about that vibe, that realness, that feeling that won't have you thinking you talking to Ms. Cleo. Tash is definitely not that. She is that good voice saying what you need to hear, not what you want.

If you need that push with a tender heart but straight forwardness go ahead and @talktotash922 🙌🏾💞💋

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