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AfroChakra Vibes: Hues and Affirmation Coloring Book." This unique coloring book is a celebration of diversity, inviting individuals to explore the rich spectrum of colors that reflect the energy centers of the body – the Chakras.


Immerse yourself in a therapeutic experience as you flip through the pages, each one carefully crafted to infuse your creative journey with brilliant hues and empowering affirmations tailored to resonate with each Chakra. The fusion of Afrocentric aesthetics and the ancient wisdom of Chakras creates a harmonious blend, fostering a sense of well-being and self-awareness.


Enjoy 16 Pages of Art and Chakra Affirmations.

Great if used with fine markers.

Size: 8.5x11


This coloring book is also avaliable in print version under Soulful Hues Prints.

Afro Chakra Vibes Hues & Affirmation Coloring Book

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