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Rei which means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki which is "life force energy".   Reiki is actually "spiritually guided life force energy." I say, God energy within you!!! Reiki is the Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes Healing.   Reiki raises the vibration level in and around the physical body, where the negative thoughts and feelings are attached.  


In this session we will provide Reiki to balance your 7 Chakras, which will allow negative energy to break apart and fall away.  

45 mins. | Chakra Reiki Balancing $55.55

45 mins. | Crystal Chakra Reiki $77.77 


Our Chakra Thai Foot Reflexology is aimed to bring good energy to your Chakras utilizing Thai Foot Reflexology Massage technique.    This ancient for of therapeutic healing originated in Thailand 2,500 years ago.  Foot massages bring immediate relief and relaxation. This session will free up blocked energy in the body to create a feeling of deep relaxation, balance and well being. Af ter detecting where you are off in your Chakras we will work closely on that  area.  Benefits of a Thai Foot Massage:

Reduces Stress, Restores Hormonal balance, Improves circulation, Aids healing lower legs, Accelerates healing, Increase Energy Level,  Improves blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and immune function, Balances mind, body & spirit.

45 Mins | Chakra Thai Foot Reflexology $88.88

1 Hr. 30 mins.Reiki Session w/Thai Foot Reflexology $144.44

Chakra Reiki Balancing

Our Crystal  Foot Bath Meditation intention is to boost your mood, relieve stress and balance your energy.  A foot bath soothes your muscles, hydrates your skin and can relieve pain due to hours spent standing  or walking in un-comfy shoes.  We will use one of our 7 Chakra Foot soaks infused with Hemp Oil to get things started.  Relax while sitting in our Massage Chair.  We will also provide  crystals of choice to enhance the good energy as we provide sound bath meditation & ending with a light foot scrub massage.


45 Mins | $88.88


If you are new to your journey seeking inner energy healing, guidance or just need to refresh and relax,  our 45 minute intuit session will bring understanding on energy healing, detect if you are balanced, unbalanced or overactive and bring harmony to your Chakras to help focus on the NOW.  We will discuss any area needing TLC and provide you with products to bring balance & harmony on your journey.

45 Mins | Chakra KIT Included​ $55.55

30 Mins | Session Only $ 22.22


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