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Belly Dancer of color Honors the Divine Masculine Energy

A part of this Summers Happy Healing journey I’ve been able to explore it in another way. Being outside, working out, eating good and getting alot of rest has been so fulfilling. I can’t forget to mention the beauty of music and movement.

This summer I got to enjoy the @bellydancerofcolor experience. Yesterday was their 7th Annual Honoring the Divine Masculine annual event. This experience was a amazing gathering to honor the Divine Masculine Energy. It felt great to embrace my masculine Divine in a healthy way. To be able to stand up with no fear, have strength and courage within thyself is always a good feeling. I’ve always was a seeker of safety from the outside, so it felt amazing to do it from within.

Music is healing to my spirit and connects me deeply to my ancestral spirits. I come from a heavy line of masculine energy. So to be able to embrace that, pray for healing the unhealed parts of it, all while connecting to Mother Earth was freeing. Though we did this for ourselves, we also spent time honoring each other and the healthy men we all need in our space. Yesterday was definitely a day to not forget about our men. They need love too. I should know I have 3 little men who will not miss the next one.

I got to experience something similar with @the_retreatmaven retreat in Puerto Rico which was also amazing. However to be able to tap into the masculine space this summer was truly needed after my rollercoaster ride. Sometimes those resets and time alone aligns you to rise to another level of you. So I am extremely great and full for the love thru the vibration of ancestral sound and movement.

Mommy Life about to kick back in, however I definitely will make time to keep the vibration going, since it’s a healthy way to keeping that Chakra energy flowing. Asé




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