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Burst of Orange

Updated: May 28, 2021

Sacral Chakra - Svadhisthana - Lower Abdomen to Navel


COLOR - Orange

ELEMENT - Water, Emotional identity, oriented to self-gratification

ORISHA - Yemaya • Oshun • Shango

PLANETS: Aligned with the planet Mars and the Sun ORANGE is the color of creativity, sexuality, joy, enthusiasm, and promotes a general sense of wellness.

ORANGE STONES increase and aid personal power, self-esteem and confidence. A balance of orange will let a person handle the ups and downs of life with finesse, quickly recovering from disappointments or wounded heart or pride. Orange represents confidence, joy and enthusiasm. A color that is sociable, creative and fun, orange is self-assured, cheerful and independent.

Orange gives us the power to remove suppression and inhibitions. It allows us to create ideas and gain courage and strength. Symbolic of prosperity and pride it offers us joyfulness, enjoyment in relationships, as it expands our interests and activities.

In using orange, we can learn to understand how the “gut reaction” tells us about our physical situations. Using orange helps with attraction, charm and kindness. It offers encouragement, stimulation, optimism, a brighter look at success and a feeling of abundance.

Orange is the color of celebration and great abundance, along with comfort and enjoyment of the senses.

Orange gives us a stronger sense of authority, enthusiasm and confidence in ourselves.


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