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Chakras Explained with Danielle from Hella Well Podcast

It was an absolute honor to be invited on Hella Well Podcast with Danielle. We had a great conversation on Chakras and broke down the 7 main chakras, the physical signs of imbalance, how to identify if chakras are open, balanced, or blocked and ways to balance and heal chakras.

To give a little on who Danielle is....SHE IS A VIBRATION OF LIGHT let's start there. She is a wellness revolutionary Queen who decided to empower women of color to get out of survival mode and begin to heal, make themselves a priority, and thrive knowing they are worthy. Join the revolution as we explore all things wellness/self-care while taking into consideration racial trauma, as I guide you to being in alignment with your TRUE self!

To view full conversation watch below and also be sure to check out

Thank you for this Space Queen

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