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Consider this for this Solar Eclipse/New Moon.

This New Moon in Libra and Solar Eclipse is happening this Saturday. Eclipses are an energetic journey of evolution and growth. The intentions we speak on an eclipse carry more energetic weight and have even greater potential for manifestation than on a new Moon. Now take a moment, not to long and reflect on the first eclipse season back in April and May. Think back and ask yourself what you were doing and what you might have been going through in your life. Was anything revealed to you? What changes have occurred?

Eclipse seasons are full of emotionally charged energy. Here are a few pointers to look forward too this Saturday during this New Moon/Solar Eclipse.

  • Time to reveal truths about you that you may not have seen otherwise.

  • Learn things about yourself in this moment, the people around you and situations during an eclipse. Reflect on the heartbreak, betrayal, and even denial and understand the truth is always can help you grow, accept needed changes, and clear blockages preventing your evolution.

  • Be open and process any blessings and spontaneous shifts that change the entire trajectory of your live. Growth can take time, and it's important to give yourself that time to let the shifts fully integrate into your energy.

  • Get out that comfort zone and stagnant energy so that you can break through & reach your potential.

  • Time to be the person you say you are. Tap that Solar Plexus and get the courage you need to stand in your truth and defend your priorities. It's about putting yourself first because you know that when you do, everyone around you benefits.

  • Take accountability and have uncomfortable conversations instead of swallowing what you need to say. Challenge yourself to have those needed conversations with others that lay the truth out on the table, but do it with compassion, honesty, and gratitude.

  • This is your time to raise your vibration by fighting for the life you know you are meant to live.

  • Block any behaviors that hinders your growth and causing you to stay small out of fear. Where is this coming from? Ask yourself what work you need to do to start prioritizing your soul's purpose and happiness and stop overdoing things just to make others happy.

As we engage with this eclipse, be mindful of any behaviors that may disturb your growth or keep you hostage by fear. Reflect on the patterns and ask yourself what actions are required to prioritize your purpose and happiness in this season, while refraining from overextending yourself simply to please others.



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