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Create Your Reality with Chakra Activities

Finding ways to create your reality is to balance your chakras. When in balance you find a sense of peace and happiness that flows evenly. However when one is off you can send a entire vibration to them all. Once you begin your journey of Peace, here are a few techniques to balance dem vibes.

  • Root Chakra Stay Grounded– Connect with the people in your life that feel like family. This can happen while connecting at a reunion of your folks as you share memories from the past. There is no feeling like being at home, with the people who share the same blood as you.

  • Sacral Chakra Dance Away - Find the time to Vibe and move to the rhythm of the Earth so it can flow through your body and out to the world via your hands and feet. Dance, play and feel the elements of nature invigorate your being. Exploring thyself and be open to learn about your body. Explore sensual and safe ways to make yourself feel loved.

  • Solar Plexus Chakra discover who you and let your authenticity flourish. Explore and try something new that will help build up your self-esteem. Meditation via sound bath will help you balance and focus on self and goals. There is ample room to break free into a path less paved and charged with the zing of possibilities.

  • Heart Chakra - LOL all Day –Laughter helps heal your heart and those around you. Seek out events, movies or shows that are filled with laughter. Show gratitude and offer to help others. Enjoy your kids and/or Pets. They always bring a sense of warmth to your heart.

  • Throat Chakra - Speak Up, but be mindful – Speak Life, let your voice be heard! Singing is a great way to bring your throat chakra energies into harmony. Sing some music, go out to a karaoke. Speak your truth without downing anyone. Allow yourself to share your feelings, thoughts and ideas by journaling. Key tip........Stop judging yourself and others.

  • Third Eye Chakra Wide open– Practice opening to your intuition by setting an intention each morning to pay attention and act on intuitive signals. These range from crystals, oracle cards, astrology and runes to meditation and prayer.

  • Crown Chakra - Fix your crown– Refresh your trust in the Divine Order. Silence is best for crown chakra activation, because it does not distract from spiritual practice. Find a prayer group, Yoga session, Reiki Master orjust a place of silence to clear your mind and Just be. Focus on the now!!

#repeat till you begin to feel the change you need to get to a place of peace.



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