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Crown yourself.....Violet/Purple Chakra

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

VIOLET/PURPLE governs the CROWN chakra, at the top of the head.

Transformation, Creativity and Spiritual Awareness

Associated problems: depression, Parkinson's disease, Schizophrenia, Epilepsy, senile dementia, Alzheimer's, many mental disorders, confusion, and dizziness.

Personality Traits: Inspirational leaders, kindly and just, humanitarians, self-scarifying, visionary, creative, and strong mentally.

Color of Spirituality

The color Violet helps us align ourselves with the Oneness of the Universe, knowing we are powerful and in control, It is the color of people seeking spiritual fulfillment. The Crown Chakra is about wisdom and being one with the world.

Violet relates to self-knowledge/spiritual awareness. It is the union with your higher self, with spirituality, and your higher consciousness. Dis-ease can result with an in-balance of energy in this chakra, either too much or too little. 

The violet energy connects us to our spiritual self-bringing guidance, wisdom and inner strength and purifies our thoughts and feelings giving us inspiration in all undertakings.  Enhances artistic talent and creativity.

Positive aspects of violet

  • A reverence for all life

  • Self-sacrificing in the service of others

  • Idealism

  • An ability to see the appropriate route for the benefit of the higher self

Negative aspects of violet

  • No concern for others

  • Feelings of superiority

  • Lack of contact with reality

Purple represents transformation, creativity and spiritual awareness. It is a protective, wise and a royal color. Purple is associated with intuition and the mystical side of life.

When this Chakra is open, you are unprejudiced and quite aware of the world and yourself. When Crown Chakra is blocked, we become rigid in our thinking. We experience depression, alienation, confusion, inability to learn or comprehend. We develop an inability to maintain relationships, experience self-denial, needing to feel popular and indispensable, or have an excessive need for sympathy. Too much violet can bring out qualities of irritability, impatience, and arrogance. Too little violet and we can feel powerless, cannot make decisions, negative and apathetic. We can't make up mind, and the block in this Chakra disrupts or prevents flow of spiritual energy in either direction.



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