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Disconnect to Reconnect is a Healthy habit for your Root Chakra!

When cocooned in the energy of the root chakra, contemplate the sacred connection you hold with your inner being and the vast expanse of existence. Reflect upon the sanctuaries within your present realm where you resonate with groundedness. Seek serenity and tranquility in moments when your spirit is calm and at easy.

When your flow of energy in your root chakra feels like your foundation is stumbling, you may find yourself encountering certain manifestations. These may include heightened susceptibility to distraction, a ceaseless hustle from one project to the next.

Honestly you may perceive weariness and burdensome taking a toil of your being. The weight of anxiety, stress, or despondency may bear down upon your soul. A sense of stagnation may grip your path, impeding your ability to take decisive action.

The beauty of aligning your root chakra opens a world of divine blessings. As the root chakra aligns, a profound sense of groundedness and inner peace hits your body, intimately connecting you with the the rhythms of the world surrounding you. The burdens of uncertainty and unrest regarding your place and sense of belonging dissolve, replaced by an abiding tranquility that warmly embraces your being.

As this foundational energy center settles into divine alignment, the weight of worries about your basic needs dissipates, granting you the freedom to devote your precious energy to nurturing your relationships and pursuing your personal aspirations.

With a secure foundation, your spirit and vibe can be beacon of love and light, igniting transformative connections and fostering true growth within your interpersonal bonds. By tending to the sacred alignment of your root chakra, you open a sacred gateway to embrace the fullness of life and manifest your dreams with greater clarity and purpose.

Embracing this alignment is an invitation to embark upon a soulful journey of self-realization and harmonious coexistence with the world, awaking to the boundless potential that resides within you.

Join us for this 21 Root Chakra Squat Challenge

The goal is to squat till that booty touches ground. In the yoga world it’s called Malasana. Malasana Squat position the squatting position is something that can help us reconnect. It can help us find a sense of being grounded and in tune with the earth. We will begin December 1 to December 21 which is the beginning of winter Solstice. The first day of winter and the opening for Sacral Chakra energy.

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Disconnect to Reconnect is a Healthy habit for your Root Chakra! Ase

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