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Embracing the Power of a Reset: Finding Alignment and Purpose

When you stay committed to your path and prioritize the well-being of your mind and spirit, blessings inevitably manifest. Since the beginning of the calendar year, I have been dealing with a multitude of challenges that seemed to come one after another. I felt pulled in various directions, and my faith was tested to the point where I almost lost hope. The overwhelming circumstances encompassed my children, financial decisions, home, family, friends, business, business decisions, and professional connections. It felt as though everything demanded my attention simultaneously. Given past experiences, I proceeded cautiously, but the tests became increasingly real. They led me to a transformative space within myself, transcending the person I used to be.

In the past, "Tammy" struggled with feelings of abandonment, constant misunderstandings, and a persistent sense of inadequacy. Interestingly, over the past few months, every hidden aspect of "Tammy" resurfaced as tests. It unearthed the pain of my inner child and all the unresolved issues I had concealed in the shadows. Yet, after this period of reflection, I came to the realization that despite those challenges, I have grown immensely. Miami, for me, represents more than just a place for partying; it is a space for deep introspection, refocusing, and preparing for my true purpose. I had to recognize the tests at hand, acknowledge my mistakes, accept my current circumstances, and find peace within myself. This was the only way for me to shift my focus toward the new opportunities on the horizon.

A valuable lesson I took away from this experience is the realization that I spent a significant portion of my life trying to prove my worthiness to others. It became so severe that I tolerated disrespect, and when I didn't, I was labeled as a bad person. Now, I refuse to accept any form of disrespect. It took these recent months of karmic lessons for me to unlearn these patterns. I encountered a series of similar situations, one after another, serving as reminders to never allow them to happen again.

Ifa teachings have enlightened me about the importance of staying aligned with my purpose and path. No matter how many times I tried to resist or deviate, my true path would ultimately shake things up to realign me. Since the day I received my hand into Ifa, I got many messages like "no," "not now," or "that's not meant for you." Yet, due to my unhealed traumas, I often felt otherwise. The very thing I resisted the most turned out to be the catalyst for my growth. It had the power to either break me down or build me up, but not without delivering some tough lessons. My fear of being alone led me to connections that were not meant for me. However, those connections had to occur for me to learn the necessary lessons and overcome my fear. They demonstrated that I am a resilient warrior and a loving loner, capable of accomplishing many things. I had to acknowledge and appreciate the inner "G" (Goddess) within me for being self-reliant. While I may not necessarily enjoy being alone, my ancestors and spirit guides constantly remind me that I am never truly alone.

Once I embraced this truth and let go of the unnecessary noise that drove me into a fearful and people-pleasing spiral, I experienced a reset. During this period of renewal, I heard the right words and gained clarity.

In sharing all of this, I want to emphasize the importance of allowing yourself to reset, refocus, and refresh. Doing so enables you to truly accept certain aspects of your life. Therefore, it is crucial to pause and take a break when needed. You'll recognize the need for a reset because things tend to become increasingly chaotic. Lessons become weightier when we resist the guidance

Fear is a challenging state to reside in. However, when you start to feel its weight pressing upon you, it serves as a clear indication that you need to pause and reset. This the true purpose of our Chakra Vibes Reset.

Be sure to look out for details for June 2024.



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