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Forget the Past......

Today marks the day I fully give myself to the calling I have been fighting with for years. I mean literally cuts and bruises kind of fighting. Today I release any thing that is not bringing me to my highest good. Today I let go of my past and focus on my future. Protecting and grounding my space with love and harmony are my only missions moving forward in life. Nothing in this world can come between me and this place called peace. Today I let go and let God because if I don’t I will catch a charge, have a heart issue or cause a major migraine. I am not blind and see what’s going on in the world, so why hold on to anything in the past when tomorrow is not promised. I choose to live in the now with the knowledge from my past to walk with my head high in my future. Always speak life and love to help keep that energy high.

When the past starts sneaking up address it, don’t blow up or force it back into your shadow. Look at what’s causing it, address it and keep it moving. We alllllllll have our moments JUST DON’T STAY THERE!!!!!




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