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Hotel McCoy In Tucson AZ.

Now I am a mother of 3 who has to do alot just to have a mini vaca!! Even though this was not a vacation i was able to enjoy my mini Trip to Arizona. I booked my room @hotelmccoy in Tucson, Arizona! I picked this hotel all because of all the cool amazing Art! This cute boutique style hotel definitely was a entire chill vibe I needed! The staff was even friendly and dope!!! They made my trip for the #tucsongemshow great! From the Lobby to the rooms to the dope art painted randomly on the outside wall on between the rooms!

This place was so neat and clean I definitely will stay here whenever I come to Tuscon Gem Show!!! It was near to the Different vendors, some if you can bare the heat was walkable.

I mean the Art did it for me🥰🥰🥰!

here are a few pictures of this dope Hotel!



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