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Jump Start your Yin & Yang

Grand Rising Gems and Gents!

We had a chance to pop in with @themouth_moments on @ablazinradio her in Maryland to talk about our Yin and Yang plus enjoy some great music!

Tapping into my inner child and indulging into things I love 💕 has been my welcome to your 40’s mission! I spent years embracing what others like to do and going with their flow! Even tho that’s who I am, you know yeah let’s do it! I had to put that same energy into myself! It start June 1 and will continue FOREVAAAAAAA!

That’s apart of my yin and Yang journey! Starting with my Sacral, that feminine energy, that creative side, the art side, MUSIC!!! Yeah I’m a music baby! Another tale for another time! However since that is my deepest love I had to entertain her in order to embrace the new!!!

With that we will be embracing our Yin and Yang☯️. Be sure to look out for session with Tammy!!




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