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Nobody can give more f*cks about you than you..... ~Issa Rae

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Recently the Beautiful talented Issa Rae spoke with The Read with Kid Fury and Crissle and gave her reason why Therapy is a go. I learned the hard way by thinking a person would understand and would not judge. However those are the ones that judge you and use your issues for gossip sessions. We all do, this is why talking to someone you do not know is the best.

The Insecure star explained that she made the decision to go to therapy for her own self-care because nobody can give more f*cks about you than you can.

She states: "And I think the first time I finally made the time to go was just last year. I did three little sessions and I fucked with it. But it is important to not necessarily go because you think something's wrong, but you should if you're in an industry like this, prioritize it because nobody else will. And that's what I've learned just throughout my journey here."

Issa warned that while the people around you may mean well, ultimately, your healing is your responsibility and your responsibility only. "It's like, oh, nobody gives a f*ck about you. Like you're just a ticket for, you know, the next project or you're a check a to-do list item for you, for them. And it's not necessarily, they're not worried about how you're doing. They don't care about how you're doing. They mean well, but nobody really cares. So it's only on you to make sure that you're good." ~ Issa Rae

As I always state....SEEK HELP FOR YOUR

SELF. Cause in the end no one 1000% cares as much as you do. Plus you just want to be a healthy person not a toxic person. You will never know how toxic you may be till you roll up in a session of therapy.


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