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Take up Room, Sis

This Sunday we had the opportunity to share space with Latoya from Black Opulence Xperience called Take up Room, Sis at the Crystal Cafe by Faith 2 Felicity.

As a powerful woman, taking up space when you walk in a room means owning your presence and being unapologetically yourself. It means giving yourself permission to be fully seen and heard, and refusing to shrink yourself to make others more comfortable. Taking up space is an act of self-love and empowerment.

Taking up space is about embodying your highest self and living your purpose. When you stand in your power and speak your truth, you align with your soul's mission and become a vessel for divine energy to flow through you. This energy can be felt by others, inspiring them to connect with their own power and purpose. If they do not, DON'T FEEL BAD!! They just not your people and that's ok. Do not shift that beauty to please nobody.

Ttaking up space can also be a challenge for women, who have been conditioned to be quiet, accommodating, and small. We are often taught to put the needs of others before our own and to downplay our accomplishments and talents. But when we deny ourselves the right to take up space, we limit our potential and rob the world of our unique gifts.

To reclaim your power and embrace your right to take up space, start by tuning into your intuition and inner wisdom. Listen to the voice within that urges you to speak up, share your ideas, and be seen. Surround yourself with people who support and uplift you, and let go of those who try to diminish your light.

Remember that taking up space is not about dominating or overpowering others, but about standing in your truth and allowing others to do the same. By owning your power and living your purpose, you create a world where everyone has the freedom to be their authentic selves and shine their light brightly.

Ask yourself these as you journal to thyself.

  1. What are some ways in which society has conditioned me to take up less space? How have I internalized these messages? How can I begin to unlearn them?

  2. What does it mean to me to take up space as a powerful melanin woman? How do I envision myself showing up in the world? What actions can I take to embody this vision?

  3. What are some areas of my life where I feel small or powerless? How can I begin to expand my presence in these areas and assert my power?

  4. What are some fears or doubts that hold me back from taking up space? How can I work through these fears and cultivate more confidence and self-assurance?

  5. Who are some powerful, but gentle women that inspire me with their ability to take up space? What qualities do they embody that I can emulate in my own life?

  6. How can I use my unique voice and experiences as a woman to contribute to important conversations and movements in my community and beyond?

  7. How can I practice taking up space in small ways every day, such as speaking up in meetings, setting boundaries with loved ones, or pursuing my passions with enthusiasm and dedication?


  1. Imagine yourself one year from now, fully embodying your power and taking up space in all areas of your life. What changes have you made, and what accomplishments have you achieved? How does it feel to live in your power and purpose?

When you walk in the Room TAKE UP SPACE, SIS!!! Ase

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