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The Chakra Art Therapeutic Experience

I am extremely happy to incorporate my passion as an artist with my passion of Chakras, Sound Bath and Healing,

Our Chakra Art Therapeutic Experience is just that. A experience for those to Learn, Unwind and Create all while releasing the tension of everyday life.

Our Chakra Art Therapeutic Experience, hosted by Tammy, is a wholistic experience where you can explore the beauty within yourself through the use of colors, art, and our soothing omi sound bath meditation. This immersive experience is not just informative; it's a releasing and relaxing experience that will ignite your spiritual connection through artistic expression. Ideal for groups of four or more, our offerings may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Chakras Crystals & Canvas

  2. Bead Yourself (Chakra Jewelry)

  3. Affirmation Vision Board

  4. Planting Your Chakra Seeds

  5. Chakra Element Sacred Altar Box

  6. Chakra Reading and Balancing

  7. Nature Release & Reset

Join us in creating a space of positivity and self-discovery while nurturing your creativity as we did for this Queens Birthday Celebration.



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