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The Power of not giving a F***

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

So before I go on please don't take this as being rude. I mean I really don't give a f***, but I'm going to explain what I am saying. Once upon a time I used to worry a lot, I used to worry about what people thought, I use to worry about what people felt, I used to worry about how it would look, but now....................Now I just don't give a f*** because at the end of the day what you feel, how you feel, what you think, how you think, how I'm supposed to be doing this and doing that really don't matter.

Now granted always always always show appreciation to those that are hundred percent authentic who is truly all about your well-being or what you have going on. However that negativity, that put down, that you should do this, that feeling of making you feel like something is wrong or even trying to use the guilt trip of making you feel guilty........nah that shit for the bird, this is when you should not give a f***. Again I could say all this, because this person use to be me. When I got into the worried mode I use to start acting up without thinking. I went into defense mode and reacted to things below my energy level. I did not know how to act and when I started acting up people who does not know the ray of sunshine I am automatically assumes, judge and don't try to understand. This is when I realized that I just need to stop caring. I'm going to respect how you feel and I'm going to respect what you saying and I'm not going to disrespect you, but I am not going to give a f***. The day I stopped worrying my anxiety be came way less. I do have my days now.......but I do not stay there because no matter how great you are, if a person sees you in a certain light and don't care for you none at all nothing you say or do matters. So why waste time trying???? DO NOT waste time especially if you've apologized and recognized your faults. DO NOT STAY where they are at, because this is when you start worrying and dwelling in other peoples opinion. If it don't motivate or help you grow, then let them opinions go right into another dimension.

Now do not be walking around not giving a f*** with a nasty attitude, thinking everything you do and say is right. Communication is key even if you feel the person is wrong. Heck even if you know they are wrong or you know they right, but you think they wrong because you want to be right. Communication at a respectable level is key. Coming to a mutual understanding that is not emotional based or is based on 100% authentic facts (because people swear they have facts) is the key to everything really. This is when you can move forward, be reasonable and not get the I don't give a f*** attitude. Now if you know and you can pick up the vibe that is on some pointing the fingers and no accountability on their end.......Welp you know what it is, so why waste your time? Be pleasant as much as you can, but when you feel that negativity rise........Here are 3 important ways to not give a f***.

  • Just don't give a f***.

  • Block

  • Be pleasant.

That's their personal issue at this point not yours.


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