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The Year of Yin Yang Vibration

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Join us for our YIN YANG Vibration series as we embrace the year of Yin & Yang. January 17th & 18th on IG LIVE we will embrace the Vibes of our Chakras, Yin and Yang all 2022!!

To embrace our Yin we will tap into our Sacral Charka Sacred Space with Priestess Heidi. During this IG LIVE Heidi and I will discuss ways to embrace your Yin and connect you to our inner bliss. Heidi's ultimate mission is to guide you to reconnect with your self-love, creative, blissful and sexual abundant self to show up fully in life.

A little about Heidi

I met this beautiful soul from a mutual spirit sister. We did a LIVE and I loved her spirit ever since then. Heidi has spent the past 10 years growing and studying her craft of spiritual and sexual healing. All her studies and work have brought her to where she is now with her unique healing sessions that involve tantra, cosmic sexuality, Self-Love Coaching, Reiki, crystal healing, aromatherapy and the Female Energy Awakening Womb Blessing and Womb Healing.

Join us as we prepare this Yin energy for the first Full-Moon of 2022.

To embrace our Yang we will build up our Solar Plexus with our fellow water spirit High Priestess Omitola aka Real Voodoo Bae. I am who I am is where we embrace your self worth, personal power and embracing that healthy ego balance. Omitola is the definition of Yin and Yang.

Omitola considers herself to be a woman’s woman… Sisterhood, the liberation of women everywhere, and the restoration of the divine feminine to its rightful place in all facets of society is her mission. To embrace who you are balance is Key. To fully embrace your Yin we have to bring a true define to our Yang.

A little about Omitola

She is a renowned African Spiritual counselor, published author, certified life coach, actress, and a fully initiated Olorisha to various Orisha “Divinities”. Omitola fulfilledher destiny as a “Path Finder” by guiding those seeking spiritual empowerment and life transformation. Combining her life coaching skills, her spiritual gifts and wisdom, she mentors both men and women alike.

Join us as we prepare our Yang Energy for this first full moon of 2022


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