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You are a QUEEN #notetoself


I struggled as a child because of my Dark skin. So excuse me for having a moment to embrace my Melanin. Alot of my insecurities came from people closest to me, because outside of my race I was so beautiful 🤷🏾‍♀️. #colorism is BIG within the caribbean community and to meeeeee that ish only helps us stay suppressed. That's another topic for another day, because I can go off like Kanye, but I wanna make sense and not look crazy, so let's save that discussion!!!!

Anywhoooooo I was one of the darkies on one side of my family tree and on the other they tried to become lighter. So I had to dig deep into my #rootchakra to understand why.....

When I finally understood I began to just LOVE ME. Embrace my Brown Melanin skin. Accept the brainwash mentality of my roots. Heal the child by doing that inner shadow work. This is so important for your root chakra, because this is where everything is stored from birth. All that you know..allllllllll that you learned....all that you seen. You can try and block it out....but just know when you have a spazzzzz moment over and over, my Gem it's time to do some work. I did....and since I did I been floating and not caring in a respectful way. I'm a Dark Melanin beauty that embraces the melanin of my skin. ***Notice I ain't saying color****😁😁😁😁

So do yourself a favor and head on over to Chakra Vibes Sessions. Check out how you can start that shadow work.......

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