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Have you ever had that electical feeling in your back/spin that causes you to feel overwhelmed, sad or angry?  If so you may be experiencing some off energy.  Chakras are the various focal points of the spinal column that can effect you body in many ways.  Your 7 Charkra's are a form of energy connected to the various organs and glands within the body. When blocked, unblocked or overactive your energy can be off because one of the seven are most likely off.  With Chakra Vibes we will provide you with numerous of tools to keep your Chakra's balanced.  Spin the Wheel Today!!



The greatest healer is God & You.  Since he resides in you, you are your greatest healer.  There are many ways to heal utilizing doctors & medicine, which if necessary we are not here to stop or give any medical advice.  We are here to provide you with tools to help balance your energy.  Which can lead you to healing.    Energy surrounds us and effects us in may ways. Meditation is a way to channel energy and balance your chakras.



Seven is the number of completeness and perfection (both physically and spiritually).  It derives much of it’s meaning from being tied directly to Gods creation of all things.  Seven is about death and rebirth.  This just means for you to say R.I.P to the old and embracing the new.  Seven represents the seeker, the thinker and the searcher of truth.  Truth in who you really are!  A child of God who is our King, which makes you Royalty, as long as you plant that mustard seed of Faith.


Our guide will provide you Affirmations and information on the 7 Chakras to help you understand each one. Yes you can Google and yes you will find NUMEROUS of information, but we simplified it by getting to the point. This will help you focus on the specific area.  NEVER focus at all Chakras at one time.  Focus on the one one you lean towards the strongest and go from there.


To get our simplified Chakra Vibes guide click and save the pdf file and begin your Journey to Detox them vibes.

Relax, Meditate & Pray

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