Welcome to Chakra vibes UNWIND

Our Session, Lessons and Resets will give those who want understanding of Chakra and other information that links to our chakras.   We will provide you with who, what, where and how to begin your spiritual journey  by unwinding your Chakras.   By understanding your Chakras you will be able to jump start that good energy.  

Time to Reset, recharge


Chakra 14 Week Program

 Spend 7 weeks to Unwind & 7 weeks to Vibe in our 14 Week program. This Chakra program  will bring Understanding and guidance during your Healing Journey! 


Chakra Shadow Work

Before Jumping into Shadow Work, understand how it works and what works best for you as you begin your journey!


Orishas & Chakra

Learn the beauty of the Orishas and how they are connected to our Chakras.


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Reiki Level 1,2 Certification

 Our program will provide you with Reiki Certification a  life-long practice to heal yourself and others.  You’ll leave us with a personal healing and self-care routine you can use to manage chronic pain, anxiety, and depression, and re-energize and re-charge yourself every morning.  By receiving level 2 you will also be able to shift and provide reiki work on others.  However let's begin with you first by completing Level 1. 


Understanding your Chakra Wheel can help guide you to a better understanding of yourself.

Heart - Anahata

The heart chakra - brings love, warmth, compassion, and joy.  Heart Chakra moves love through your life

Root - Muladhara

Root Chakra allows us to store courage, resourcefulness and the will to live during trying times. It connects us with spiritual energies of our ancestors.

Throat - Visuddha

Throat chakra is accepting your originality, expressing your authentic voice and speaking your truth.  It allows you to seek knowledge that is true

Sacral -Svadhisthana

Experiencing our lives through feelings and sensations all happen with the Sacral Chakra. The second chakra is the centre of feeling, emotion, pleasure, sensuality, intimacy, and connection.

Third Eye - Ajna

The energy of this chakra allows us to experience clear thought as well as gifts of spiritual contemplation and self reflection.

Solar Plexus Manipura

Solar Plexus chakra is all about the perception of who you are.

Sensing your power, being confident, responsible, and reliable.  This chakra centers  your self-esteem, your willpower, self-discipline, as well as warmth in your personality.

Crown - Sahasrara

The gift of this chakra is experiencing unity and the selfless realization that everything is connected at a fundamental level.

The energy of this chakra allows us to experience mystical oneness with everyone and everything in nature.