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Show yourself Grace from the lessons and blessings.....

Each month of this year has been SO REAL for so many of us. Each passing month unfolded some real life lessons and blessings. It's valuable to dedicate time to reflect on these experiences, extracting the wisdom they offer.

Show yourself Grace

Take a moment to take in the lessons learned, delve into self-discovery, and outline the changes you intend to make. Alongside each lesson, acknowledge the blessings that have emerged, enriching your journey with newfound insights and growth.

Lesson Learned:

From Janury to December reflect on the specific lesson each month presented. What challenges or experiences contributed to your growth from the lesson in that month? Consider both the positive and Life is Lifing challenges that shaped your understanding of where you are in the present moment.


What have you learned about yourself during the month. Did you find new strengths, identify areas for improvement, or gain a deeper understanding of your values and priorities? Self-awareness is a powerful tool for personal development. Reflect on how you rediscoved yourself.

Changes to Implement:

Based on the lessons learned and self-discovery, what are some changes you plan to make. These could be adjustments in YOUR behavior, YOUR mindset shifts, or setting new goals. Focus on realistic goals that align with your newfound understanding of YOU.

Blessings Received:

Acknowledge the blessings that formed from those lessons. Blessings can come in various forms, such as newfound resilience, strengthened relationships, or unexpected opportunities. Recognizing these positive outcomes reinforces your gratefulness to God, your spirit guides and ancestors for making it through.

By regularly engaging in this reflective practice, you not only honor the lessons of each month but also cultivate a mindset of continuous learning and growth. Honor yourself, Honor your growth and show yourself grace. Life's journey becomes a meaningful exploration of self-discovery, positive change, and the abundant blessings that accompany personal development. Ase

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