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The Lunar eclipse of Closure, Let Oya In

Oya, Taurus and Scorpio
Lunar Eclipse

"It's time to find closure for whatever has been lingering and holding you hostage. This lunar eclipse brings a strong energy of conclusion to the past two years. These recent years have been incredibly chaotic. Even though the world has been in turmoil, let's put an end to the parts that have drained you. So, don't be resistant under this Full Moon in Taurus. Resist the urge to control something that no longer benefits you. Go ahead, make that list, review it carefully, and if anything on it triggers negative emotions, it's time to let it go!

Eclipses signify significant periods of transformation and change. Feeling weary of it? Well, this is a part of the healing process! It's an ongoing journey, so take this opportunity to focus on it. A solar eclipse opens the door to new beginnings and change, while a lunar eclipse helps us wrap up what we started during that solar eclipse in some way. Lunar eclipses are revealing and can leave you astonished. This is a time when your emotions will be pitted against your emotional well-being, something that happens during solar eclipses. A lunar eclipse is a moment to welcome that change into your life. It might arrive with the force of Oya, where it all happens suddenly. With that kind of intensity, you might find yourself saying, 'Wow, really?' or caught off guard by what is uncovered.

Now, don't assume that just because it's happening abruptly, it's all negative! Some of it might be the breakthrough you've been hoping for, bringing you inspiration and the encouragement to shift your life. Thought you were over it? Well, this may bring up some old energies that have been lingering in that sunken place, in need of closure.

Oya is the Orisha of change, transformation and destruction. She will cause destruction in order for you to change an transform once you truly believe that's what you desire. She is the powerful source in nature that can change the earth. Which is perfect for this season. Not to mention its scorpio season, which is a good time to tap into that shadow work to figure out what do I have to face within me so I can stop projecting. It's also a Full Moon in Taurus which is a time to find peace through connecting with sources that align with who God wants you to be on this earth. Understanding your place in this season will come once you accept the things that must go. It's time to go beyond those emotions and get out your damn feelings. At this point honey, it's you.

As I was reading on, this part stood out the most:

'There is no going backward during a lunar eclipse. You cannot resist this wisdom. You can only take it in and ask yourself what you can create with it. If you try to hold onto energies that no longer serve your growth, you will encounter frustration and misalignment. If the lunar eclipse uncovers something in your life that needs to be let go, it's best to find the least dramatic way to move forward.'

I mean, that simply means stop creating your own karma and let go. Learn the lesson and move on so you can be free. This lunar eclipse is a time of healing. It's an opportunity to move away from pain and upheaval. It's a chance to focus on the simplicity of life and use it as a source of healing.

Let's tap into that Taurus ♉️ Scorpio 🌪️ Oya Energy to embrace these necessary changes. Join us this Sunday for Serenity Sundays Ocean Crystal Sound Bath Meditation 🧘🏾‍♀️."

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